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Welcome to the official website of "Mahesh Public School." Various features on the website work in such a way that they make the website an interactive platform to share knowledge, exchange views and improve communication standards.
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March - 2018
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. MPS Jodhpur
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The Spoken Language Laboratory! (English /French / German ) The wave of the 21st Century !!! The student learns to speak a language naturally in the same manner a child learn to speak his mother tongue.It helps students to achieve proficiency in TOFEL & TOEIC which are essential for further studies
A Special Care Unit
Under the special trainer and education guide, children who need extra care in upbringing and moulding with great love and care to bring an all round development.
Physical Education & Sports
Physical education & Sports play a vital role achieving the aims and objectives of education. (There are co-curricular activities rather than extra curricular activities.) Students are offered enough scope in organizing social, cultural and athletic activities.
Computer Lab
Today is the electronic era hence we have a computer lab having computer systems of latest configuration, printers, connected in Local Area Network (LAN) with broadband facility for using Internet and Special Training Activities. As all teachers are computer literate to enable their students to meet the challenges of IT world. A trained Program Administrator is provided by Mahesh Sikshan Sansthan through which every school (unit) of Sansthan, ensures real time technical and training supports for teachers as well as for Accounts Department. School has its own Website, parents can access their ward's performance on screen along with school activities.
Audio-Visual Room
An Audio Visual theater is always ready to facilitate the teachers who want to use AV teaching aids. It is equipped with a large LCD Projector, Slide Projector, TV and VCD; a Multimedia Computer is the latest addition in the AVT. It improves teacher's effectiveness and productivity, which makes learning an enjoyable experience for students and also gives a specific height to their academic performance.
Maths Lab
The aim of math's lab is to develop logical thinking and reasoning power in students. The lab is equipped with the tools of calculations, shapes and sizes and plethora of charts and diagrams for handling complicated and complex mathematical abstraction and to facilitate sound understanding of the subjects. The activities of the lab includes Vedic Maths, Maths quiz and puzzles, Model making, Chart making etc
Cricket Academy
"CRICKET" a very commonly popular game of now a day. Cricket has been established team sport for hundreds of years. The passion for this sport can be seen in almost all parts of the world especially in upcoming generation. Following the stream, the school structured a Cricket Academy for the budding cricketers of our country.
Music Span
The 'dhawni' of symphony flows through the music room where in students are trained on various genres of music like melodious Bhajans, rhythmic folk songs or even beats of percussions. A music room is the place where our students learn the value of our culture and tradition, through the form of music.
Science Lab
It is not only meant to conduct experiments and observation but is also a fertile ground for the development of innovative apparatuses and methods to best and verify the established scientific theories and paradigms. The school has separate lab of physics, Chemistry and Biology, fully equipped with the latest devices and experimentation and exploration.
Geography Lab
Geography lab is the way to acquaint the students about environment through practical way and to give knowledge about global world. It will reflect the learning and to pursue imaginative activities and questions. Lab is only to recognize that given space, time and freedom; to generate new knowledge by engaging with the information passed on to them by adults. It also creates creativity and perceives children as participants in learning not as receivers of a fixed body of knowledge. It's only restructuring and reorienting knowledge through many diagrams maps and models so students enable themselves to be more initiative in their work.
Smart Class
Keeping abreast with modern times, the school class rooms are equipped with smart classes children are learning not only from the books but they are also benefitting from edu. comp classes.